Cara dengerin radio tanpa ribet

Hay sobat..lama sekali tidak posting di blog ini. Apa kabar teman-teman? pastinya sehat selalu ya!! Aku berharap pun begitu…

Masih dalam bulan-bulan awal tahun 2012 nih, arieve ngucapin semat tahun baru ya! semoga tahun 2012 menjadi tahun kemenangan kita. Apa yang beleum tercapai di tahun 2011 bisa tercapai di tahun 2012 ini. amiin

Nah, kali ini aku mau share tentang cara dengerin radio tanpa ribet , radio memang tehnologi yang udah dibilang agak kekuno-kunoan. Namun kekuno-kunoan tersebut malah jadi daya terik tersendiri, terbukti dengan semakin banyaknya radio-radio di kota kita. Bahkan handphone2 tehnologi baru pun masih menyisipkan fiture buat dengerin radio. Sekarang dengerin radio udah gak perlu ribet pake radio gedhe2 yang antenanya musti tinggi2 gtu…sekarang dengerin radio cukup dengan online, kan sekarang udah jamannya online neh…buat kalian yang pingin dengerin radio kesayangan masing-masing bisa disini.

Memang sih radio yang ada baru sekedar radio2 yang ada di jogja dan sekitarnya. Namun kalian yang punya radio, bisa daftarin radionya agar bisa di dengerin semua temen2 dimanapun mereka berada. Sekian dulu dari aku ya…salam hangat selalu


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Windows Registri

Before tinkering with the Registry, it’s good to do a backup first.

1. Click the Start button> Run.
2. Type regedit and press Enter after being in the Run window.
3. In Registry Editor, select File menu> Export.
4. After the Export Registry File appears, enter the file name into the File Name, such as backup-registry and so forth.
5. press the Save button.

1. Accelerating Registry Update
Press the Start> Log Off> Log Off.

2. Changing Wallpaper
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel / Desktop
Double click on the wallpaper and enter the path to the desired image in Value Data.
Continue reading

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Keong Racun English Version

follow follow a more famous song just snail poison ..

Snail venom

Basic you snail venom

Just know eh invites sleep

By not polite

You think I’m free-range chicken Continue reading

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Lirik lagu Anang feat. Aurell Tanpa Bintang

Lagu ini enak bangetl buat yang lagi kangen – kangenan ma pacaar? hehe

walaupun anang ma aurel mungkin mksudnya bukan begitu, dia kangen ame emaknya kali ya…

aurel juga nyanyinya juga bagus [dara penyanyi] menambah lagu tambah maknyuz

Berikut ini lirik lagu anang dan aurel tanpa bintang Continue reading

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Starting a Business Must Since Age Youth? – According to modern myth, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are generally dominated by men the geeks in their 20s, not adults, and a step toward success and fame. It comes with the emerge names like Bill Gates, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, Google guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Although their stories match the myths that exist, but almost all the stereotypes are wrong.

The proof, in the United States today is the women who became the driving force behind many new businesses. Center for Women’s Business Research there even suggested the development of women-owned businesses grew by nearly two times more than most companies that exist. They employ more than 12.8 million employees. Spend 550 million U.S. dollars (approximately USD 5.17 billion) for salaries and employee benefits, and posted sales of 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars late (around Rp 17.86 trillion). Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Wear Blazer – you do not like wearing a jacket or a blazer for the office, because it gives the impression of too formal or too complicated? Hm … Think again. Because your appearance when her blazer was very influenced judgments of others about yourself. If you are afraid to look too formal, just copy the style of celebrities when wearing a blazer.

1. Boosting confidence Continue reading

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The term in Networking

Networking Glossary!
Maybe some of us still do not know the terms in networking hehe ~ ~ well for additional information in the information technology and computer gw deh jelasin hohohoh

well now i want to love info about networking let Indonesian people more clever hehehe ~ ~ ~ ^ _ ^ (well not too much?) yo wes than yach listened at length (^ o ^)

1. Case Sensitive
A text processing method that distinguishes the writing big letters and small letters. examples of writing [computer] is different from the [Computer].

2. Flowchart
Systematic presentation of the logic of information handling activities. The program flowchart is a chart with certain symbols that describe in detail the process sequence, and the relationship between a process (instruction) with other processes within a program.networking screen

3. Hub
Network device that connects multiple computers via a LAN so they can communicate with each other and connect to the internet. All users who connect through the hub will share the same bandwidth. not like a switch that provides full bandwidth to each computer.



4. LAN
Local Area Network is the number of computers linked together in one particular area that is not too broad, as in one office or building. Broadly speaking there are two types of network or LAN, that is a peer to peer and Client-Server networks. In peer to peer network, every computer connected to the network can act both as workstations and servers, while on the network Client-Server, only one computer that acts as a server and other computers acting as workstations. Between these two network types has advantages and disadvantages of each.LAN

Peer to peer LAN

Client-server LAN

Client LAN

5. Router
The router is a device that serves to forward packets from a network to other networks (both LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN). so that the hosts that exist on a network can communicate with hosts on other networks. Router connecting the network layer of the OSI model, so technically Router is a Layer 3 gateway. The router can be a device specially designed to function as a router (a dedicated router) or can also be a PC that functioned as a router.Router


so now add dunk know about the world of information technology and computer right? hehehe ~ ~ ~

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